A booking system designed for rafting operators

eola is the go-to booking platform for white water rafting. We take care of the admin so you can spend more time in the rapids!

Manage waivers and questionnaires online

Customers can sign waivers and complete questionnaires online before their rafting adventure, ensuring a faster and smoother check-in.

Booking reminders

Online waivers

Online questionnaires

Real-time resource availability

Keeping track of your rafting gear can be challenging. eola provides real-time visibility into equipment and instructor availability so you’re never overbooked and can make the most out of your spare gear!

Capacity filters and alerts

Rent extra equipment

Real time alerts and updates

Automated calendars

Stay on top of your week with a live overview of your bookings and instructor calendars. Easily view, edit and reschedule your rafting classes and see your team’s availability in one place!

Capacity filters and alerts

Shared and unique team calendars

Look up bookings using quick search

Booking, scheduling and managing software for rafting activities

Take it from CIWW

CIWW, one of the largest white water centres in the UK, has grown their rafting business with eola, streamlining daily workflows, making management tasks more efficient for their team and improving the booking experience for customers with a user-friendly booking system.

Switching has never been easier

eola is simple to learn and easy to use. Get set up and trading in hours, not weeks.