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Porthcawl Surf School

Porthcawl, Bridgend

Situated in beautiful Rest Bay, Bridgend, Porthcawl Surf School has been welcoming beginners to the waves for years. Run by a passionate team of surfers and SUP boarders, the centre is open all year round, only taking one day off a year - Christmas Day!

Owner Hugh Murray was initially sceptical about transitioning to an online booking system, but when he set up with eola, the results blew him away. Check out what he had to say about eola when we visited Porthcawl!

“We didn't go completely from paper to online, we eased into it. We started with our standard lessons, and then we quickly realised that it was much easier doing online bookings than talking to people on the phone for half an hour. So we put all our stuff online, and it's just gone bonkers!

eola has become so important to us that we don’t take manual bookings anymore, we direct everybody to our online booking system. It’s literally about five clicks and they’ve booked and paid. And it’s much easier for us to track everything.”

Hugh Murray


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