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by Daniel Steele

Let’s grow together

We're an operating system which exists to make the management of an experience business seamless, so that everyone can participate in incredible experiences.


  • eola makes the booking and management processes faster and easier for businesses and customers via their beautifully simple operating system
  • Founded in a flat in silicon roundabout in September 2017 by two guys inspired by their own desire to experience more during their free time
  • The eola operating system launched in 2019
  • The eola experience marketplace launched in 2020
  • Over 200 experience businesses are actively using the eola booking and management platform
  • We have seen over 500,000 customers take part in activities through eola

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About the eola operating system

eola’s next generation operating technology enables businesses to easily manage all their day-to-day admin via one beautifully simple platform, saving valuable time to focus on delivering outstanding experiences.

Businesses can manage bookings, payments, instructor and equipment allocation, waivers, cancellations, and more, all in one place on any device, anywhere.

About the eola marketplace

Launching in early 2020, the eola marketplace aims to get more people outdoors and experiencing new adventures.  

The experience marketplace is powered by the eola booking system, not only making it easier for customers to find new experience but also ensuring real-time availability and faster than ever booking flows.

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The eola story

eola means to live in Hawaiian, and that’s right at the heart of who we are as a business. We are a team of passionate people, brought together by our mission to power the world of experiences. We want to bring this world of joy to as many as possible, through simply beautiful technology, and have already done so for 100s of thousands of people around the world, working with hundreds of businesses.

Our story began though on a beach, as so many great stories do. Not from some expert adventurer or elite athlete. It began from just another human, trying surfing for the first time. It was cold, it was wet, and it was magnificent. 

It was a defining moment of reflection, of just how much delight came from experiences. Not just surfing. For so many, there is a defining activity that they love, from the extreme, like surfing, skiing, or biking, to the sedate, like paddleboarding, or yoga, to the serene like pottery or cooking.

For those yet to find that moment, and those that haven’t had enough, and those who want to give those experiences to others, our founders wanted to find a way to make those experiences more accessible, and empower the businesses who provide them.

eola is for the explorers, the adventures, the enthusiastic. eola is there to give hope and passion and a chance to live.

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Why eola stands as unique

Every feature they’ve built - from the smallest to the largest - has been carefully constructed on the same belief. That their platform should be better than a selection of tools.

They should be unified as a beautifully simple system that is a delight to use.

Whether you’re on a phone in a field, a tablet on a beach, or a laptop at home, eola is designed to work perfectly on any device, any time, anywhere.

To make that all happen the co-founders started to build the team that is now the most important part of eola.

The eola founders

eola was founded in a flat in silicon roundabout in September 2017 by two guys inspired by their own desire to experience more during their free time. Together they are reshaping the future of online booking in experiential tourism. 

eola founders photo 2021
The eola founders, Callum Hemsley and Daniel Steele

Daniel Steele, CTO

Dan is the Co-Founder and CTO of eola. As a serial entrepreneur he has been both a CEO and founding member of several fast growing and hugely successful tech companies in the UK. Previously CEO of Omnidev, Lead Engineer at a VC, and first tech hire in the UK’s fastest growing tech company, Dan is an expert in building scalable and high performance technology as well as an expert in the startup world. When he is not writing code or working to make eola one of the fastest and most simple online platforms available, he can be found pursuing his other passion as a light aircraft pilot.

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Callum Hemsley, CEO

Callum is an experienced product and commercial strategist. He has worked in start-ups and scale-ups for more than 7 years. He was a member of the founding team and head of product at Fabrily until its acquisition exit by US based Teespring where he worked as a Senior manager of Technology and Strategic Execution. He is an expert in business and commercial strategy having held senior strategic roles throughout his career. He also has strong insights into the building of scalable and stable technology that provides effective solutions for customers. When he’s not busy raising money and investing time into eola and its partners he can be found indulging in his passion for global cuisines and adventure.

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Commercial Heads

Maria Rangin, Head of Marketing

Maria is an experienced marketer, specialising in building marketing and communications departments for tech start-ups from an early stage.

Maria Headshot

Tarhana Islam, Head of Partner Operations

Tarhana has previous experience delivering success and process in high growth tech companies.

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Partner testimonials 

partner testimonial edge watersports logo

“Great personal hands on approach to helping us develop our online booking system. Up to date information & always answers questions. Great to work with such a passionate team. Good luck for the next part of the journey”
- Owner, Steph Bridge

eola partner testimonial Llandegfedd

"It’s the booking system you didn’t know you needed. A simple solution for a complex issues, not because the system is basic, because [it's] effortless!

eola offers a platform to put you in control, instead of being controlled by an A4 paper diary (burn it!). To sum it up, you only believe in your product when you just offer it out for free (no strings!). No baffling pricing structure built on modules you’ll never need."
- Activity Manager, Owen Davies

eola partner testimonial aber adventures

“Easy to use for clients to book in and easy to use for hosts. It is going to reduce my admin significantly next season. The ui is easy to use, very fast and works great in areas with poor mobile signal, (ideal for locations like mine). These guys are forward thinking and have created a fast intuitive booking system that is getting better and better with each development.”
- Owner, Simon Turner

Recent press releases

eola announces 2 million fundraise success

eola announces 2 million fundraise success

Press release: eola win One Planet Award for Start-up of the year

eola wins silver in the 2020 One Planet Awards Startup of the Year category

press release eola join is Techstars 2020

eola joins the 2020 Techstars Accelerator Programme

eola become title sponsor for the eola GBR series

eola become headline sponsor for GBR Series from 2020


Our offices are located at:

18 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1BR, United Kingdom

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For press enquiries please contact:

Joanna Mills
PR Marketer

PR Marketer Joanna Mills

For other enquiries please contact:
020 3769 5767

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