A million moving pieces.

One simple solution.

Manage bookings, scheduling, staff payments, and the all-important customer experience with eola

Complete control

All your bookings at a glance

The eola calendar sits at the heart of our platform. View your availability and manage your schedule at a glance with colour coded booking slots, filters and intuitive controls.

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Resource management

Equipment management, automated

Maximise your efficiency with cutting-edge resource management. Simply add your equipment to eola to automatically monitor availability across activities and rentals.

Automated payments

Payments without problems

From taking payments to issuing refunds, eola handles the process for you. Get set up in minutes and start taking payments online. All payment processing is included in the eola fee.

“eola is, in short, exactly the online booking system every seasonal leisure business needs.”

Benjamin Spicer

Cornish Rock Tour

“It’s literally about five clicks and they’ve booked and paid. And it’s much easier for us to track everything."

Hugh Murray

Porthcawl Surf School

"eola has streamlined a big chunk of our business, and it's made our customer journey so much easier. All we have to worry about is bums on boats.”

Charlie Boyce-Smith

Woodmill Outdoor Activities

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