It all starts with a seed...

We’re not afraid to dream big.

But we don't want to just dream, we want to do.

We want to show that there doesn’t have to be any tension between Doing Good Business and just Doing Good.

Right now, our environmental initiatives are just taking root. With time and attention, we foresee a future in which they can grow and flourish in alignment with our business.

The eola forest

From seeds...

From its craggy Cornish coastline to its rolling Scottish hills, we love the British landscape and everything it has to offer. We wanted to find a way to protect, preserve, and enrich these environments for generations to come. saplings...

In 2021, we partnered directly with the Future Forest Company, a UK-based organisation dedicated to planting native trees and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at scale.

At the start of 2022, we planted our first 1600 trees in Clyde Muirshel Regional Park, North Ayrshire. You can find them using What3Words at: indicates.priced.producing forests

We have made a rolling quarterly commitment to plant trees with the Future Forest Company, based on our budget and a deliberate over-estimation of our carbon footprint as a business. Over the coming decades, the trees we plant now will contribute to a distributed eola-generated forest that sequesters carbon en masse.

What we're doing now

Of course, there's more to caring for the environment than just planting trees. We've launched two other sustainability-focused initiatives in the last twelve months.

Wildlife conservation

The environment is inseparable from the wildlife we share it with. That's why, to usher in 2022, we partnered with the Wildlife Trusts to adopt 50 animals on behalf of our partners across the UK.

We hope to build upon these foundations to continue to support the Wildlife Trusts throughout 2022 and beyond.

Litter picking

We run regular litter picks from our Shoreditch office, as well as around the UK on partner visits and team excursions.

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