Sustainability and the Outdoors

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Joanna from eola, and Paul Gellender from BSUPA discuss sustainability and the activities industry.

Join Paul Gallender from BSUPA and Joanna from eola as they discuss sustainability and the activities industry. This webinar will be a chance to hear all about the incredible work the activity industry is doing.

In this free webinar they will discuss:

  • Why sustainability is so important for the activities industry
  • The work of BSUPA, Planet Patrol and other organisations across the UK promoting sustainability and maintaining the environment
  • Top tips for activity providers and enthusiasts to contribute to a sustainable future

"I was first introduced to Standup Paddleboarding in Bermuda in 2004 watching the guy I was due to meet paddle across the bay towards me on a longboard before catching a wave and surfing in. Clearly, I was mightily impressed and immediately saw the potential. As a former Royal Marine with an Adventurous Training background, I was able to transfer my paddling skills from seated to standing and completed my BSUPA Level 1 instructor course in late 2012 in a dry suit.

My role within Naval Adventurous Training allowed me to introduce SUP and I was soon inundated with requests for more training opportunities which also provided me with the impetus to further my own SUP experience in surfing and touring, my favourite SUP activities. In 2018 I was accepted as a BSUPA Trainer and then asked to be a director."

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