Compare eola to other booking systems

Check out how eola compares with some of the other popular booking platforms.

eola Checkfront Trekksoft Bookeo Bookinghound Rezdy
Booking system
Website integration
Automated email notifications
Offline bookings
On page widget
Custom disclaimers * *
Point of Sale system * *
Can be used for free
Simple user interface
Rapid checkout
Advanced activity design
Create complex agendas easily
Mobile/tablet optimised
Facebook integration
Integrated payments
Team management
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eola vs trekksoft

eola is incomparably easier to use than Trekksoft, with our whole system being designed from the ground up for speed, usability, and efficiency.

Our other strength is optimisation. While Trekksoft struggles to load on fast internet on a laptop, eola is designed to be super fast even on mobile with poor internet

Currently, although Trekksoft does offer more features, eola is rapidly catching up, and we already offer a number of things that Trekksoft can't, like team management, and integrated disclaimers.

We are also about half the price if you needed any more reason to be convinced!


  • Trekksoft links to many different OTAs and marketplaces
  • Businesses from almost anywhere can use it
  • They offer many different features


  • Difficult to use
  • Very expensive
  • Slow load speeds - especially on mobile
  • No team management

eola vs Rezdy

They are great at connecting with other marketplace and OTA businesses; something eola doesn't currently offer.

However, this focus means that they lack a lot of the core functionality businesses need to manage. As a result, you end up spending a lot of time managing it day to day. eola on the other hand automates most things, so you can spend more time doing that activities you love.


  • Links to more OTAs and marketplaces than anyone else
  • Solid features for enterprise clients


  • High price barrier before a lot of features are available
  • Lacks some core features
  • Requires significant ongoing manual management of agenda
  • No team management

eola vs Bookinghound

A really great cheap and cheerful option. Their software is pretty easy to set up and won't break the bank.

Unfortunately, it is just as clear for your customers, resulting in some trust concerns. We've also noticed a few security flaws which make us nervous.

eola is about the same price, but has massively more features, and looks beautiful for your customers.


  • Very cheap
  • Faster than most
  • Easy to use


  • Lacks some core features
  • Doesn't look professional to customers
  • Can't have different times on different days for activities
  • Security flaws

eola vs Checkfront

Checkfront is a genuinely great platform, and in many places they can match eola. It's beautifully designed, and offers a huge swathe of great functionality.

Currently there is no team management on Checkfront though. Additionally, there is limited ability to create diverse availability calendars compared to eola. Their checkout flow also isn't great, sitting on top of, rather than cleanly linking in with your website.

Additionally, they struggle on mobile which is a massive segment with modern consumers.

If you decide not to use eola, we would definitely recommend them!


  • Powerful software
  • Extensive functionality
  • Fast platform
  • Great setup flow


  • No team management
  • Can't have different times on different days for activities
  • Checkout flow for customers isn't optimised
  • Struggles on mobile

eola vs Bookeo

Bookeo was definitely phenomenal back in the day, but it feels like they have just been coasting for many years.

Today, the user interface could do with a rehaul. It's somewhat unwieldy and outdated unfortunately.

A lot of it is quite difficult to use, and leaves you scratching your head.


  • Can freeze your account during off-season
  • Solid number of integrations


  • No team management
  • Can't have different times on different days for activities
  • Outdated technology